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Introducing our Mammals

We have some awesome mammals staying here with us at Jimmy’s Farm & Wildlife Park. On a visit you can see them up close, hear our Keepers tell you all about them and, in some cases, have a close encounter!





Reindeer in the wildlife park


We have three Reindeer, Dolph our male, Mistletoe and Rowan, our females! Dolph enjoys having his herd of females and can be seen strutting proudly around his enclosure, keeping a watchful eye on his ladies!
Barbary Macaques at the wildlife park

Barbary Macaques

We have three Barbary Macaques called Adao, Sisi and Ndidi. They travelled over 200 miles to us from a rescue centre in The Netherlands where they were
saved from lives of neglect. This endangered species is facing massive habitat loss and the threat of the pet trade.
Slender Tailed Meerkat at the wildlife park

Slender Tailed Meerkat

Meerkats are small mammals that are found in the African desert, despite the accents of the popular TV advert animals that may tell you different!
Capybara at the wildlife park


Capybaras are found in South America living in small herds on grassland, tropical rainforest and wetlands.
North American Raccoon at the wildlife park

North American Raccoon

Raccoons are known for washing their food before eating it, their latin name ‘lotor’ means ‘washer’.
Giant Anteater at the wildlife park

Giant Anteater

Our giant anteater is called Basil! Giant anteaters don’t have any teeth but they have a very long, sticky tongue to catch ants and termites.
Ring Tailed Coati at the wildlife park

Ring Tailed Coati

Ring-tailed Coati is a mammal that belongs to the same family as Racoons called Procyonidae.
Lowland Tapir at the wildlife park

Lowland Tapir

Lowland Tapir, is one of four species of Tapir all of which are becoming increasingly endangered in the wild.
Bactrian Camels at the wildlife park

Bactrian Camels

Bactrian camels like Alice and Arthur originate from the steppes of central Asia to the Mongolian deserts. They are kept at Jimmy’s Farm & Wildlife Park to highlight the plight of their wild counterparts which are listed as critically endangered with fewer than 1000 individuals left.
Bennetts’ Wallaby at the wildlife park

Bennetts’ Wallaby

Bennetts’ wallabies are marsupials that are endemic to Australia.That can live in many different habitats including rocky areas, grasslands and swamps.
Somali Black Headed Sheep at the wildlife park

Somali Black Headed Sheep

Like their paddock mates from Cameroon, these African sheep have hair that moults instead of wool. They have a characteristically saggy neck and an amusing lump of fat on their bottoms. This fat reserve can keep them going through lean times, meaning they can do without food and water for nearly a month!
Guanaco at the wildlife park


The guanaco is related to a camel, llama and alpaca. Like camels they have long eyelashes that protect their eyes from dust or dirt. They can be found in the wild in South America and can live up to 20 years.
Roe Deer at the wildlife park

Roe Deer

Fern, our roe deer, was brought to us in April 2020 after being orphaned. She’s settled in well and is enjoying life with our goats!
Guinea Pig at the wildlife park

Guinea Pig

The group of guinea pigs at Jimmy’s Farm &Wildlife Park are all female. They are a firm favourite at our animal handling sessions, so come and learn about their proper care from our experienced rangers.
Cameroon Sheep at the wildlife park

Cameroon Sheep

Cameroon sheep are a domestic sheep breed. They are hairy sheep, as a woolly coat would be a disadvantage in the African climate.
Ferret at the wildlife park


Small domesticated relatives of the European Polecat, ferrets are cunning little carnivores.
They always draw a crowd when the Jimmy’s Farm & Wildlife Park rangers take them for a
walk on their leads.
African Pygmy Goat at the wildlife park

African Pygmy Goat

These charming little guys originate from Africa, but are very hardy and adaptable to most climates. They love to climb, jump and leap onto any high vantage point to get the best view, and are a firm favourite with our guests.
Striped Skunk at the wildlife park

Striped Skunk

Striped skunks are from the same family as ferrets, called Mustelids, and are nocturnal so you may not see them on your visit!
Rabbit at the wildlife park


The rabbits at Jimmy’s farm & Wildlife Park are get to run around their grass paddock all day, dig holes and do everything a rabbit loves to do. Our rangers are always happy to talk to you about rabbit care and welfare.

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