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WONDERWOODS – British nature at its best

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Share the good life

Share the good life at Jimmy's Farm

Time walk, den building & lots more

Our woodland truly is a  wonder that enables you to experience native plants and animals, a time walk, den building and a relaxing coffee break.

The woodland is the perfect place to spot many native plants and animals and, if you’re extremely lucky, you may even see the rare Dormouse or Stagbeetles. In the spring, the bluebells offer a dazzling spectacle of colour and scent.

Take a walk through time

Our thrilling new Time Walk gives you the chance to meet all the creatures that used to roam the woodlands thousands of years ago. Take the walk back in time, working your way through the years of evolution to present day.

Build your own forest den

Get creative in our woodland and build your own den…. all the materials you need are ready, it just needs your creativity, enthusiasm and energy to create something special.

Enjoy nature

Our woodland is home to some amazing British wildlife from the elusive badger to the confident Muntjac deer. You may also smell a fox or hear the rustling of the hedgehogs in the leaf litter. Take a relaxing walk in the beautiful woodland and enjoy the peace and quiet of being surrounded by nature.

Relax in the woodland

Chill out at the Hair of the Hog at the heart of the woodland with a beer, cup of tea or coffee, and maybe a snack, all while and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.

Totally Wild experience

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Meet our animal friends



Camels, reindeer, wallabies, meerkats, tapir, capybara, goats, alpaca, rabbits…
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Reptiles & Fish

Reptiles & Fish

Tortoises, tegus, snakes, crocodiles
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Birds at Jimmy's Farm & Wildlife Park


Rhea, emu, geese, ducks, peafowl, cockatiel…
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Rare Breeds at Jimmy's Farm & Wildlife Park

Rare Breeds

Pigs, sheep, chickens, cattle…
Butterfly House at Jimmy's Farm & Wildlife Park - reopening 2022


The butterfly house is currently closed. It will reopen in 2022.

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