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Meet our Rare Breeds

We have some wonderful rare breeds staying here with us at Jimmy’s Farm & Wildlife Park. On a visit you can see all our rare breeds up close, our Keepers can tell you all about them and, in some cases, you can have a close encounter!





 Large Black Pig at the wildlife park

Large Black

Rare Breed Pig. The Large Black is Britain’s only all black breed of pig.
 Devon Closewool at the wildlife park

Devon Closewool

Rare Breed Sheep. Devon Closewools are a medium sized white faced sheep without horns, and a good fleece of wool. We have the only collection in the East of England to have a breeding group on show to the public.
British saddleback at the wildlife park

British Saddleback

Rare Breed Pig. The British Saddleback is a large, lop eared, deep bodied pig with a black body and white band around the saddle and front legs.
Suffolk Punch at the wildlife park

Suffolk Punch

The Suffolk Punch are the oldest breed of heavy horse in the UK, they are now so rare they’re classed at Critically Endangered by RBST. They are more endangered than the giant panda!

Highland Cattle at the wildlife park

Highland Cattle

The oldest registered breed in the world (since 1884), and the breed standard has remained unchanged ever since. Her Majesty the Queen has a herd at Balmoral which is considered to be one of the best in the world. With their long horns and tousled hair, they’re extremely photogenic!

Golden Guernsey Goat at the wildlife park

Golden Guernsey

Rare Breed Goat. The Golden Guernsey breed of goat has a docile nature making it a good household goat.
Buff Orpington at the wildlife park

Buff Orpington

Rare Breed Chicken. Buff Orpingtons have a very placid, friendly and docile nature, one that is tolerant of being handled. They are one of the best birds for the first time keeper and for those with children – ­an ideal ‘pet’chicken.
British White at the wildlife park

British White

Rare Breed Cattle. The British White is a medium sized breed, with cows usually weighing 550-700kg and bulls 900-1100kg.
Oxford Sandy & Black pigs at the wildlife park

Oxford Sandy and Black

Rare Breed Pig. The Oxford Sandy and Black pig has existed for around 300 years making them one of the oldest British pig breeds.
Middle White pigs at the wildlife park

Middle White

Rare Breed Pig. Middle Whites are white pigs with characteristic snub noses and large prick ears.
Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs at the wildlife park

Gloucestershire Old Spot

Rare Breed Pig. The Gloucestershire Old Spot are white in colour with distinctive black spots and large, lop ears.
Badot Goat at the wildlife park

Bagot Goat

Rare Breed Goat. One of the rarest animals living at Jimmy’s Farm & Wildlife Park with only an estimated 250 breeding females left. Their numbers have suffered due to them not being particularly useful for milk or meat over other more popular breeds. “Wild” and skittish in nature, Bagot goats do however make great conservation grazers, and are used at RSPB reserves for this purpose.
Mangalitsa pig at the wildlife park

Mangalitsa Pig

Rare Breed Pig. Developed in Serbia in the mid 19th century, the Mangalitsa is the only surviving breed of pig to have this kind of thick woolly coat. The Lancashire pig had a similar hairstyle, but unfortunately is now extinct.
Riggit Galloway at the wildlife park

Riggit Galloway

The ‘Riggit’ Galloway cattle are a well documented archaic strain of Galloway, easily identifiable by the white stripe, running down their spine.

Embden Goose at the wildlife park

Embden Goose

Rare Breed Bird. The Embden Goose is a fairly hardy breed and will try to warn away or fight any predators.
Tamworth at the wildlife park


Rare Breed Pig. The Tamworth pig has a coat that is a distinctive ginger. A long legged, lean pig, they have prick ears a long snout and alert expression.

Proud members of RBST

We are proud to be a member of the RBST, whose mission is to ensure we do not lose the diversity of our native breeds. They do this through a programme of monitoring, saving and promoting the breeding & registration of rare and native breeds. Jimmy is also delighted to be President of the RBST.

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