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We are passionate about sharing our environment and knowledge here on the Farm.

We invest heavily in our education programme because we believe that educating young people and providing good quality visits are vital for the future of farming.

Visits to Jimmy’s Farm can be tailored to match your needs and are led at all times by our highly experienced Educational Team.  These visits can be attended by schools or groups of individuals and are not only informative but offer an experience which is fun!!

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Supervised Visits

  • Undercover space in the Education Hub, available all day for your group, can accommodate approximately 100 people.
  • We are able to accommodate groups with additional needs. Disabled access is limited at present but we are developing the Farm to improve disabled access. Please call to discuss details.
  • An individual service tailored to the needs of your group which includes:-
  • discussion with you about what you want to do,
  • a programme for the day e-mailed to you before the visit,
  • accurate costing and invoicing before you arrive,
  • Farm Risk Assessment sheets,
  • welcome on arrival and taken to your base for the day,
  • supervised sessions and guided time led by the experienced Education team who will be with you all day,
  • provision of extra hand washing facilities,
  • help with any problems and returned to your transport.

Extra provision.

  • Sausage making participation/demonstration and tasting. Learn about the ingredients used to make a quality British sausage and then participate in making sausages. Tasting and comparing a variety of different sausages made and cooked at Jimmy’s Farm. A charge of £5 per student is necessary to cover the cost of ingredients and sausage used.
  • Jimmy’s Farm sausage meal deal – brioche bread bun, Jimmy’s Farm sausage, chips, sauces and squash drink @ £5 per head.
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Group Courses

1: Farming and Food Production – Early Years, Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1, 2, 3 and 4

  1. A) Farmyard trail – An introduction to the farming methods, food production and farm animal welfare on Jimmy’s Farm. You also get to meet the animals on a comprehensive tour of the working farm. Meet and feed the pigs and piglets as well as other farm animals. Look out for the pink tractor!
  1. B) 3 Garden – Tour herb, vegetable and formal gardens to identify and experience different fruits, vegetables and herbs that are growing on the Farm. (Seasonal).

2: Sausage Making and Tasting – Key Stage 2, 3, 4 and Further Education

  • A talk and participation / demonstration on sausage making, find out why Jimmy’s Farm sausages are different. Sample the traditional and more unusual sausages we make on the Farm.
  • There is an extra charge of £5 per student for this programme to cover the cost of meat used and sausages tasted.

3: Environmental Science – Early Years, Key Stage 1, 2, 3 and 4

  • Pond dipping – exclusively for supervised groups – dip from staging, collect, observe and identify water creatures and return them at the end of the session.
  • Explore the wood: Seasons, trees, seeds and growing.
  • The woodland as an ecosystem.
  • Minibeast / invertebrate study, life cycles, habitat comparison, identification and classification.
  • Time walk – follow the woodland path and discover animals which may live in the woods now and some that have lived here in the distant past – deer to dinosaurs!
  • Visit the tropical butterfly house and experience free flying multi coloured butterflies in the heat and humidity of the tropics while learning about their life cycle (available from late spring to early autumn).

4: Forest activities – Early Years, Key Stage 1, 2, 3.

  • Select from the following activities – fire lighting, cooking over a wood fire, den building, trees identification, story-telling in the woods. Can be combined with Forest Creative Art.


Forest Creative Art. Pre-school to Further Education (1-2 hrs.)

  • Stimulate your artistic side in our beautiful woodland area creating and exploring art using natural materials – make a miniature moss garden or a huge golden lion from fallen leaves, a 3-D mud face on a tree trunk or a woven twig sculpture.
  • Use your own ideas or be led by out trained team members.


5: Jimmy’s Farm as a Business – Key Stage 3 and 4

  • A tour of the working farm, Farm Park, various sales outlets and Farm shop to explore farm finances, costs of running the farm, ethics, diversification, location and the BBC & Channel 4 TV influence. The past, present and future of Jimmy’s Farm.


6: Butchery Demonstration

  • A butchery demonstration on how a carcass is prepared, skills of butchery and how cuts of meat are prepared for display. (There is a small extra charge of £1 per student for this activity.)


  1. Pre-school, school and Group Fun visits – UNSUPERVISED – Any age.

Groups can organise and lead their own day using the public Farm Park facilities. Booking is necessary to ensure that the undercover Education Hub and information booklets are available. Price includes:

  • Wrist bands to allow access on and off the Farm Park during the day.
  • Use of the undercover Education hub to store items and eat lunch if necessary.
  • Use of information booklets on the animals found on the Farm Park.
  • Single payment at reduced rates with invoice and electronic payment facility if required.
  • Farm Risk Assessment.
  • Free pre visit voucher for staff to make their own risk assessment.


8: Pre –school, School and Group Fun visits SUPERVISED – Any age.

We can create a fun programme of events, usually lasting between two and three hours, led by a member of staff incorporating various activities, such as:

  • Talk and tour of the farm park- feeding and petting various animals.
  • Den Building and bush craft in the woods.
  • Visit the Tropical Butterfly House, (Spring and Summer only).
  • Mini-beast Hunt in the woods.
  • Meet and feed the pigs and other farm animals.
  • Pond dipping.

The group would be able to stay on and have unlimited access to the Farm Park area, including the Adventure Play areas. Do let us know if there are particular activities you would like to do.


9: Catering programme for KS3 and above.


A programme for students embarking on or already started on catering courses.

Can include:-

  • Working Farm tour to see, feed and learn about the live animals.
  • Introduction to vegetables and plants grown on the Farm, sold in the Farm shop and used in the Farm restaurant
  • Butchery demonstration (£1 extra).
  • Sausage making and tasting. (£5 extra).
  • Talk with our young Head chef, Jon and a restaurant manager on catering as a business and career.

10: Course Fishing

  • complete beginners (20 minutes).

Activity can be combined with others to create a full day.

11: Creative art work with Wild Raspberry (from 60 minutes).

  • Select your own art activity – decorating china ware, make a mosaic, design and create a T-shirt or hatCombined with other activities to create a full day.
  • See separate sheet for Wild Raspberry details and prices.

12: Farm Park Tour (45-60 mins.)

  • Observe, touch, feed and learn about the variety of animals on the new Farm Park. Petting with rabbits and guinea pigs; feeding goats, sheep, rhea, emu, geese, ducks and alpaca; see and learn about reindeer, donkey, meerkats, cattle and pigs.
  • Experience the heat and humidity amongst the dripping vegetation of the Tropical Butterfly House with beautiful, free flying butterflies ouse(late spring to early autumn)(((late spring to early autumn only).

13: Exploring possible career ideas. KS 2 and above. (New For 2018)

Primary World of Work – talk with employees about their jobs in their work environment on Jimmy’s Farm.

Select from:

     1) Working outside and with Animals: Farm stockman / Wild Life Park manager/ zoo keeper / Gardener.

     2) Catering: Restaurant chef / Restaurant manager / Butcher.

     3) Commercial selling: Joules – clothing, Wild Raspberry – Creative studio,

         For All Seasons – lifestyle, Clarkes – outdoor equipment and clothing,

         Little Whatsits – photographic studio, Farm shop – food.

     4) Promoting Jimmy’s Farm : Events and functions manager / Advertising,

         website and social media / Festival organization and planning.

Select the main category heading (1,2,3,4 or specific jobs) you/your students are most interested in, record it on the booking form. The day programme – meet with the staff in their place of work and discuss qualifications, requirements, advantages / disadvantages, income and how/why they chose their career and what they enjoy about it.   This selection could fit well with ‘Jimmy’s Farm as a business’ but also means that you see many elements of Jimmy’s Farm but also gain insight into the world of work.

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We work hard to keep prices at a minimum; these charges only just cover our costs as we are not able to apply for grants.

         Supervised Visits

  • Programmes are all supervised.
  • Minimum size for paying group of 10.
  • £10 + VAT per student.
  • All accompanying adults are free.
  • Own setting/establishment adult to child ratio applies.

       Unsupervised group visits.

  • Prior booking is necessary.
  • Group members 2 years or over @ £5.50 + VAT including accompanying adults.
  • All accompanying setting staff are free.

Extra costs

  • Jimmy’s Farm sausage meal deal – brioche bread bun, Jimmy’s Farm sausage, chips and sauces (please provide your own drink). £ 5+ VAT per head.

Prog.   2 and 9, (sausage making and tasting) £5 per student.

Prog.   6 and 9 butchery demonstration – £1 per student.

Prog.   10. Beginners £1 per student

1/2 day fishing at day rate with min payment for 5 students

Prog. 11, Wild Raspberry Creative Art Studio – apply for separate sheet for information and prices).

Outreach visit, prices relate to time at your site and travel time.

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Further Information

Other information.

  • Teachers & Official Adult Setting Helpers free.
  • Before you send the deposit, please return the ebooking form directly to [email protected] with as much information about what you would like your students to achieve and any special requests or additional needs that they may have.
  • We require a deposit of £50 (£60 with VAT) to secure your booking. Please note: the balance is payable either electronically or by cheque on or before the day(Cheques made payable to ‘The Essex Pig Company Ltd’).
  • An administrative charge of £3 will be levied for repeat invoices following receipt of the booking form and deposit.
  • As a registered company, we do have to charge VAT at the current rate of 20%. All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT. Educational organisations may claim back the VAT.


Health and Safety

  • Please read the Farm Visit Risk Assessment before your visit.
  • A trained first aider is on site at all times.
  • The Farm is a natural environment and although every care is taken to ensure all of our visitors are safe, it is the Group Leaders’ responsibility to inform the Farm on the booking form prior to the visit and the Education Team Leader on the day, of any specific additional educational, allergy or medical condition which may affect any member of their group.
  • Prior to accessing the working farm, the Education Team Leader will give a health and safety talk regarding electric fencing, moving machinery and hygiene issues, such as hand washing.
  • The Education Team Leader will be responsible for moving the group where appropriate and to ensure safety – for example, when a vehicle is approaching or present.
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