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Butterfly House

Enter the exotic environment of our butterfly house where you can experience the magnificent plants, beautiful flowers and colourful butterflies flying freely around you.

Here you may spot the large fruit eating owl butterflies whose markings are meant to deter predators. As their name suggests the markings mimic that of an owls eyes and feathers.

Other butterflies you may spot are the graceful swallow tail butterflies which come in many different colours and patterns from red to emerald green. Keep your eyes peeled for the majestic giant atlas moth which can have a wingspan of up to 28cm.

Unusual animals too…

Investigate the pathways to find some of our more unusual animals such as the giant train millipedes who have up to 200 pairs of legs. Hunt for the well camouflaged giant thorny stick or walking stick insects as well as the more easily spotted giant African land snails.

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