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Project Description

Slender Tailed Meerkats at Jimmy’s Farm & Wildlife Park

Suricata suricatta

Meerkats are small mammals that are found in the African desert, despite the accents of the popular TV advert animals that may tell you different! They are not actually a type of cat but instead are part of the mongoose family.

Meerkats live in large family groups, known as mobs, which can vary in size from 20 to 50 individuals. They work together to ensure the safety and survival of all members of the family.

Ring Tailed Coati at Jimmy's Farm and Wildlife Park, Ipswich Suffolk

The dominant female of the group will give out duties to the family members including sentry, keeping a watchful eye for danger, digging duties, hunters and baby sitters.

Females can give birth to up to five young after a pregnancy of around eleven weeks. All the family members will contribute to the rearing and education of the young. Meerkats are small but fierce characters and will take on a scorpion and win! A big part of their diet and one they are not afraid to tackle!

About our meerkats

Two of the first meerkats to come to the park, Kalahari and Timone, were originally pets. When they arrived they didn’t really explore their outside exhibit, know how to dig or perform sentry duty.

They were joined by our breeding male Mozart who taught them the ways of being a meerkat!

Now they exhibit all the natural behaviours of a meerkat with Kalahari becoming a mum, who has since given birth to several young.

Fact check

Life span 12-15 years
Range Southern Africa – Angola, Botswana, Namibia
Diet Omnivores – feed on insects, small birds and mammals, eggs and vegetable matter
Southern Africa
IUCN Red List of Threatened Species
Did you know???

The dark rings around their eyes act like sunglasses to reflect the sunlight away from their eyes and avoid them getting damaged.

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