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Capybara at Jimmy’s Farm & Wildlife Park

Hydrochoerus Hydrochaeris

They can be found living in small herd on grassland, in tropical rainforest, as well as wetlands across most of the continent.

Capybaras spend much of their time in water. They’re able to stay submerged in water for around 5 minutes with very little of their body showing – helping them to avoid detection by predators such as Jaguars, Anacondas and Caiman.

Capybara at Jimmy's Farm & Wildlife Park

While the Capybara is not currently classified as an endangered species, it is threatened by habitat degradation and illegal poaching for its meat and skin, which can be turned into leather.

Fact check

Life span 8-10 years
Range South America
Diet Grazers
Central and South America
IUCN Red List of Threatened Species
Did you know

Their scientific name means ‘water pig’ and their bodies are ideal for swimming with webbed feet and eye, ears & nostrils on top of their heads

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