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Rhea at Jimmy’s Farm & Wildlife Park

Rhea Americana

Rheas are large, flightless birds with grey-brown plumage, long legs and long necks, similar to an Ostrich. They are grassland birds and both species prefer open land.

For the most part, Rheas are vegetarian and prefer broad-leafed plants but they also eat fruits, seeds and roots, as well as insects such as grasshoppers and small reptiles and rodents.

Rhea. Birds at Jimmy's Farm & Wildlife Park

Rare breed status: Near threatened

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Fact check

Life span 8-10 years
Range South America
Diet Fruits, seeds, insects, flowers
South America
IUCN Red List of Threatened Species: Least Concern
Did you know???

Rhea has large wings but it is a flightless bird because it lacks a breast bone which connects muscles required for flying

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