Middle White. Rare Breed Pig

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Project Description

Middle White pigs at Jimmy’s Farm & Wildlife Park

Sus scrofa domesticus

Middle Whites are white pigs with characteristic snub noses and large prick ears.

They are a medium sized breed with a stocky build but more compact than many pig breeds. Sows weigh around 200kg and boars around 280kg.

It is a hardy pig but does require more shelter than some breeds and can struggle in extreme heat or extreme cold.

Middle White. Rare breed pig at Jimmy's Farm & Wildlife Park

Rare breed status: Endangered (100-200)
(RBST Pig Watchlist)

History of the Middle White pig

The Middle White originated by crossing Large White and Small White pigs in the 1850s in Keighley in Yorkshire. It became known as a specialist pork producer and in the first half of the 20th century was very popular and widely exported.

The breed was known as “The London Porker” because of high demand for Middle White pork in the capital. However the increasing demand for lean pigs for bacon production led to a decline in the Middle White’s numbers in the UK.

With people increasingly interested in quality meat the Middle White has enjoyed something of a resurgence and Middle White pork again commands an enviable reputation.

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Did you know?

The breed was known as “The London Porker” because of high demand for Middle White pork in the capital

Rare Breeds Survival Trust

RBST logoJimmy’s Farm & Wildlife Park is proud to be a member of the RBST, whose mission is to ensure we do not lose the diversity of our native breeds. They do this through a programme of monitoring, saving and promoting the breeding & registration of rare and native breeds.

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