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Project Description

Bennetts’ Wallaby at Jimmy’s Farm & Wildlife Park

Macropus rufogriseus

Bennetts’ wallabies are marsupials that are endemic to Australia.That can live in many different habitats including rocky areas, grasslands and swamps.

Wallabies range in size from the size of a rabbit to about 6 foot tall. Their soft woolly fur can be grey, reddish brown to almost black in colour. They have short arms with clawed fingers as well as strong back legs which enable them to hop at high speeds and jump great distances, sometimes up to 13 feet.

Ring Tailed Coati at Jimmy's Farm and Wildlife Park, Ipswich Suffolk

Wallabies are only pregnant for one month, this is followed by nine months spent in the mothers’pouch. Joeys are only about 1cm in length at birth and are completely hairless. They manage to crawl all the way up to the pouch where they will latch on to the female’s teat. As they grow bigger the joeys may start to be seen poking their heads out of the pouch or you may just see a foot!

Eventually they will start to venture out of the pouch, returning at speed if they need to before finally staying out all the time.

About our wallabies

We have several albino wallabies here at Jimmy’s Farm and Wildlife Park. One is particularly special and a favourite with the keepers. His name is Jenson and he was hand reared at his previous collection, this means he is very friendly and loves a good chin rub. Also with the albino wallabies keepers have to put sun cream on their ears in the sunnier weather to protect them from getting sun burnt.

Fact check

Life span 12-15 years
Range Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand and New Guinea
Diet Grasses, herbs and juicy roots
Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand and New Guinea
IUCN Red List of Threatened Species: Least Concern
Did you know???

Females are called filers, males are called boomers and youngsters are called joeys

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