Jimmy’s Australian Food Adventure


Jimmy Explores Australia's Northern Teritory in a light Aircraft sent to C4Jimmy discovers the mythical outback at Uluru (Ayers Rock) in the Northern Territory. sent to C4

Jimmy’s Australian Food Adventure presented by food expert Jimmy Doherty, launches on More4 on 1st March at 8.00pm and explores the unexpected and inspirational tastes and foods of Australia.

Each of the three episodes follow Jimmy as he discovers the continents wild plants and foods, explores how the first settlers introduced new tastes to the continent, and examines the impact new science and new thinking is having on Australian cuisine.

Jimmy says:

“Exploring the story of Australia’s farmers, food producers and chefs has been inspirational. Australian cuisine is a real fusion of many different cultures. It’s almost impossible now to say what a “typical” Australian dish is!   But their appetite for innovation and experimentation is a lesson to us all”

Jimmy’s action packed journey takes him out of the kitchen and into a wide variety of landscapes from the tropical wetlands of the Northern Territory and Kimberley in Western Australia to the very heart of the continent; whether he is crocodile wrangling, mustering cattle, mud-crabbing, turning bee keeper for the day or camel trekking through the outback in South Australia.

Along the way Jimmy is joined by Australia’s top chefs, brewers, vintners and farmers as he tries out some brand new food innovations from a lemonade fruit to a pearl meat sensation.

An extended five episodes of the series will air on Channel 4 from April 27th 2015.

Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast

This series has now finished and they’re both busy filming another series! Watch this space!


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