About Jimmy

Jimmy has always been passionate about nature and farming. By the time he was 16, he was the youngest ever Assistant Entomologist at the Mole Hall Wildlife Park in Walden. After gaining a degree in Zoology, Jimmy worked at the Entomology Department at London’s Natural History Museum before moving on to Coventry University where he researched for a Doctorate in Entomology, set up an insect laboratory and taught Animal Ecology and Animal Philosophy to undergraduate students.

But by 2003, Jimmy decided it was time to make his dream of living the good life a reality. He left London and without any experience or knowledge of farming, took on a leasehold of a 100 acre farm near Ipswich in Suffolk. Jimmy’s roller coaster journey to change this derelict farm into a rare breed pig farm was followed in a BBC2 series called ‘Jimmy’s Farm’.

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Jimmy became an established science presenter and his credits include two series of the hit show ‘Jimmy’s Food Factory’ and ’Jimmy and the Wild Honey Hunters’ both for BBC1, ‘Jimmy’s Global Harvest’ for BBC2 and ‘Crop to Shop – Jimmy’s Supermarket Secrets’ for BBC1. As a result of his increasing popularity and success, Jimmy signed an exclusive deal with Channel 4 and his credits include ‘Jimmy’s Grow Your Own Christmas Dinner’, ‘Jimmy and the Giant Supermarket’ and ‘Jimmy’s Forest’.  He is currently filming ‘Jamie and Jimmy’s Food Fight Club’ which will be shown later this year.

Jimmy has written three books, the latest a TV tie in to his recent series ‘Win A Dream Life’ and he has a number of food products called ‘Jimmy’s Farmers Range’ which include a range of sausages currently on sale in Tesco.  Every September, Jimmy hosts a food and music festival on his farm called ‘Harvest at Jimmy’s’ and he has also recently opened a restaurant on the farm celebrating quality local produce.

Jimmy and Michaela were married on Saturday, 22 August 2009. The reception was held at their farm in Suffolk.

They have two daughters named Molly Rose and Cora Mae.

Television Work

  • Food Unwrapped series 3 (Channel 4, 2014)
  • Jamie & Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast (Channel 4, 2014)
  • Jamie & Jimmy’s Food Fight Club (Channel 4, December 2012)
  • Jimmy and the Whale Whisperer (Channel 4 2012)
  • Jimmy and the Giant Supermarket (Channel 4 2012)
  • Food Fight Club (Channel 4 2011)
  • A Farmer’s Life for Me (2011)
  • Museum of Life (BBC 2010)
  • Jimmy’s Global Harvest (BBC 2010)
  • The Private Life of… (BBC 2010)
  • Jimmy’s Food Factory (BBC 2009)
  • Jimmy Doherty in Darwin’s Garden (OU & BBC 2009)
  • Jimmy’s GM Food Fight (BBC Horizon 2008)
  • Jimmy and the Wild Honey Hunters (BBC 2008)
  • Jimmy’s Farming Heroes (BBC 2008)
  • Crisis on Jimmy’s Farm (BBC 2007)
  • Jimmy’s Farm Diaries (BBC 2007)
  • Jimmy’s Farm (BBC 2004–2006)
  • Richard & Judy (Channel 4 2004 & 2006)
  • Back on Jimmy’s Farm (BBC 2004)

Food Fight Club

Easter Eggs Live

Jimmy’s Agent

JIMMY’S AGENT is: FRESH PARTNERS –  Contact, Debbie Catchpole.

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